It is essential that equality and diversity is promoted by lecturers as without promotion the learners may become at risk of harm. Within the classroom students that have inappropriate views may make racist, sexist or other offensive comments to other students as they feel this is acceptable due to a lack of equality and diversity with the class, if this is not immediately addressed it is likely to reoccur and result in bullying. This will manifest into a student that has poor social skills and poor knowledge of what is acceptable in workplace. “Globalisation has made it easier for different communities to connect, meet and interact with each other.” (Usmani, 2016) This is especially true within the IT industry where it is likely students will go on to have colleagues based across the globe from a wide spectrum of backgrounds and cultures. Fully understanding others and them understanding you will foster tolerance within a group, once this has been achieved students are far less likely to discriminate against one another and go on to be more accepting of others outside the class. Even a relatively minor omission such as forgetting a student’s name, can, if it occurs on a regular basis, result in the student feeling unvalued within the class, this may spiral into low self-esteem possibly resulting in poor mental health and depression causing isolation and a lack of motivation. This will have a severe impact on the students work, it is likely to cause them to drop out at a particularly vulnerable time for the student, possibly, in extreme cases, resulting in self harm or radicalisation.


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