What Is Woke? Examples of Woke


By now, everyone has surely heard of the street slang term “wokeism.” Originally adopted by the African-American culture, “wokeism,” better known as “woke” is a term utilised in reference to racial discrimination and prejudice. African Americans believe they have been discriminated against since their enslaved ancestors arrived in the United States in 1619. Ethnic groups, … Read more

How Teacher Attitude Affects Students?


Teacher attitude can have a positive or negative impact on students in all grade levels. Students as young as preschoolers tend to mimic their teachers’ behaviour. Being a positive role model by exhibiting a positive attitude will go a long way in building strong teacher-student relationships. Educators need never forget that their students are watching … Read more

Opportunities for learners and others to provide feedback to inform inclusive practice


It is important to obtain feedback from students as their view should be acknowledged during the teaching process, if a student is happy and enjoying their course, they are more likely to perform well, attend and achieve their full potential. It is often very easy for teachers to implement changes based on student feedback that … Read more

The benefits and limitations of communication methods and media used in own area of specialism


While communicating with students I use a variety of communication methods, the most common being Verbal. Verbal communication is good for providing feedback as it is instant but it may not be heard by the student, especially if the student has hearing difficulties. Teachers must be careful when providing verbal feedback as both positive and … Read more