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Category: Action Research

Key features of the action research process

The process of action research is a cycle that would normally have 2 or more iterations, depending upon the action research model there are varying stages within the cycle, these stages include the following: Problem/area for improvement identification, which is the purpose of the action research based on the area that requires improvement, a question […]

The implications of a model of action

“There is no universally accepted definition for action research, many useful ones do exist” (Koshy, Koshy, & Waterman, 2010, p. 8) along with a selection of models available to assist in structuring an action research project. The Spiral Model The Spiral Model from Stephen Kemmis and Robin McTaggart is an example of an action research model, […]

The purpose of action research

The purpose of action research is to gather information in an attempt to solve a problem or make an improvement, which may have been highlighted as a result of self-evaluation or student feedback. While this is the core purpose, the motivations may be different, the motivation may be sincere and the goal to be improvement […]

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