Ways in which Own Professional Values Influence Own Practice in an Area of Specialism

professional values

Abstract This article delves into the crucial role of professional values in the teaching realm, emphasising integrity, motivation, curriculum expertise, assessment proficiency, and behaviour management. Drawing from personal experiences in the industry, it underscores the importance of modelling professionalism, aligning teaching with industry standards, and ensuring that instructional methods are in sync with student needs … Read more

The Concepts of Professionalism and Dual Professionalism in Education and Training

dual professional

Abstract This document delves into the concept of professionalism, highlighting the attributes and qualities that typify individuals trained in professional roles. Drawing from various sources, it outlines recognises professions and investigates different models for defining a profession, particularly Millerson’s “Model of Professionalism” and Hoyle’s “Model on Professionality”. Special emphasis is given to the dual roles … Read more

Boundaries, Limitations and the Ethical and Professional Codes and Standards in a Personal Tutoring Role


While it is important that, as a tutor, you are available and willing to assist students, it would be unprofessional, unethical and impossible to assist students with everything. A simple example of this is while you want your students to perform well on the course and are willing to provide guidance on assignments, providing too … Read more

How Your Own Values, Behaviours and Attitudes can Impact on the Personal Tutoring Role


As a tutor, areas that you focus your attention upon will experience most of the change, for example, if you believe that grades and qualifications are the most important aspect of educational life, it is likely you will spend the majority of your time as a tutor focusing on setting academic based targets, thus giving … Read more

Your own role and responsibilities in education and training

Teaching Role

Abstract This document delves into the multifaceted roles and responsibilities of teachers in the context of education and training. Teachers are central to the academic, emotional, social, and physical growth of learners. Their primary duty involves imparting knowledge, but they also wear numerous other hats, including curriculum designers, evaluators, mentors, and administrators. Pre-class duties emphasise … Read more

The relationships and boundaries between the teaching role and other professional roles


Introduction As educators, teachers hold a significant role in shaping the minds and futures of their students. However, within the dynamic world of education, it is essential for teachers to establish and maintain clear boundaries to ensure a professional and ethical relationship with their students and colleagues. This article explores the importance of delineating the … Read more