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How to Work with External Stakeholders and Partners to Support Learners

Teaching organisations do not work in isolation and receive support from external third parties in numerous ways. A simple way that I work with external stakeholders and partners to support learners is collaborating with local businesses, these relationships have provided projects, equipment loans and work experience placements, benefiting both the teaching establishment and the local […]

The Purpose of an Individual Learning Plan

In some classes it is common to create Individual Learning Plans (ILP) with individual learning goals for each student based on initial and diagnostic assessment. Initial assessment may include an assessment of their English and Maths this may go into their ILP in order to decide which group they should be in, whether they need […]

The Importance of Reviewing Learner Progress and Targets

It is fundamental that learner progress and targets are reviewed on the date originally specified when creating the target, without the review students will not be motivated to meet the target and all future targets will be undermined, being considered optional by students. Reviewing targets also lets students know they are on the right track, […]

The Purpose of Resources in Teaching and Learning

While teaching I make extensive use of resources as I feel they assist my students learning and make me a more effective teacher. The three primary resources I use are PowerPoint presentations, Handouts/Worksheets and Realia. Beyond these there are others that are ubiquitous to my subject area, such as computers, internet and specific software, such […]

Gamification Literature Review

As part of completing your preparation for a class you should conduct a review of literature relating to your area of practice, this is especially important when conducting action research. Literature Relating to an Area of Practice for Action Research “Gamification is a relatively new term, hence there are different existing definitions.” (Stieglitz, Lattemann, Robra-Bissantz, Zarnekow, […]

Legal and Organisation Requirements Relating to: Data protection; Copyright; Privacy; Confidentiality; Safe Guarding Disclosure.

Educational establishments hold sensitive information, including student/staff details, qualifications/grades, payment details, etc. The Data Protection Act ensures this confidential information is only accessible by authorised personnel and is not left unattended. It is an essential requirement that all teaching establishments have policies (Data Protection Policy) and procedures in place to ensure data protection is not […]

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