101 Threats Examples for a SWOT Analysis

danger - threat

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A SWOT analysis is a planning technique that is used to help identify and assess each part of the SWOT framework in a business, project or even an individual, allowing you to respond accordingly and plan for the future. This article will cover the Threats aspect of … Read more

What Is A Personal SWOT Analysis For Students?


Individuals attempting to break into the many different industries including business, marketing, teaching, etc will need to learn many terms, techniques, and strategies. One of the most important is the SWOT analysis, which is a vital business, marketing and teaching theory. The technique can be very beneficial when developing a plan because it helps analyse … Read more

The Purpose of Resources in Teaching and Learning

teaching resources

While teaching I make extensive use of resources as I feel they assist my students learning and make me a more effective teacher. The three primary resources I use are PowerPoint presentations, Handouts/Worksheets and Realia. Beyond these there are others that are ubiquitous to my subject area, such as computers, internet and specific software, such … Read more

Principles of Resource Design

resource design

When designing resources, it is important to integrate the principles of resource design. Using resources is an excellent method of targeting different styles of learnings, while targeting a student’s specific style of learning is largely disproven, it is important to utilise a variety of learning styles to ensure inclusive learning. For example, when designing a … Read more

The Function of Self-Assessment and Self-Evaluation in the Quality Cycle

self assessment

A Self-Assessment Review (SAR) is a review of what the teaching establishment, department or strand has carried out over the last year, including an evaluation against the teaching establishments own internal criteria and Ofsted requirements. When completing a SAR, it is best to “imagine that you were sitting down explaining how and what you did … Read more

Range of Support Available for Learners Within a Specific Context (Financial, Learning, Counselling)


Within most teaching establishments there is a wide variety of support available for learners, every learner has a designated tutor, this will be the first person a student should talk to as their tutor will be able to refer them to the correct location. Alternatively, students can go directly to the appropriate person/department with their … Read more

How to Work with External Stakeholders and Partners to Support Learners


Teaching organisations do not work in isolation and receive support from external third parties in numerous ways. A simple way that I work with external stakeholders and partners to support learners is collaborating with local businesses, these relationships have provided projects, equipment loans and work experience placements, benefiting both the teaching establishment and the local … Read more