How to Work with External Stakeholders and Partners to Support Learners


Teaching organisations do not work in isolation and receive support from external third parties in numerous ways. A simple way that I work with external stakeholders and partners to support learners is collaborating with local businesses, these relationships have provided projects, equipment loans and work experience placements, benefiting both the teaching establishment and the local … Read more

Evaluate the Effectiveness of my Design and use of Resources to Engage and Meet the Individual needs of Learners in my Own Specialist Area

own resource design

Students are provided with 3 working programs, along with the source code. Each of the programs approaches the task of breaking the password in different ways. Students are expected to run the programs, evaluate each of the programs and explain how the programs work. The first method is very straightforward, easy to understand and has … Read more

Sources That Inform Resource Development


When creating resources, I make use of a selection of sources to inform my resource development, the first is the course/unit syllabus and I use this as a starting point in my research but also to include the specific criteria on each of the resources. This is overall an excellent source of information as it … Read more

Ways in Which Resources can be Classified and Stored

resource storage

Resource management can be a challenging task, so as a result, having a plan of classification and storage is essential. Physical resources are the most challenging to manage, especially when the equipment is expensive, bulky or delicate. Storage space is incredibly limited within most teaching establishments, this results in a limited amount of physical resources … Read more

Legal Requirements of the Development and Use of Resources

legal resources

Traditionally organisational email provides all communication between students and staff, the primary benefit being all emails are recorded and monitored to ensure safety of both staff and students. An extremely important aspect is that all students and staff have organisation email accounts. “Most younger (and, increasingly, older) learners use social networking sites to keep in … Read more

Theories, Principles, Models of inclusive Curriculum Design informing Resource Development

resource design

When designing resources, it is important to consider the theories, principles and models that are to assist the process with the goal of creating better resources. For example, different resources will suit different stages of the Kolb learning cycle: Concrete Experience is best suited to resources such as Realia or using relevant equipment, allowing students … Read more