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Ways of Encouraging Behaviours that Contribute to a Purposeful Learning Environment

Avoiding disruptive behaviour before it occurs while teaching is far more effective than managing poor behaviour once it has occurred. Making effective use of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement will reduce the need for punishments and sanctions. (Skinner, 1974) developed the theory that behaviour is the result of consequences, both positive or negative. A very […]

Ways in which minimum core elements can be demonstrated in planning, delivering and assessing inclusive teaching and learning

There have been several attempts at improving literacy and numeracy skills, including the creation of Adult Basic Skills Strategy Unit in 2001, Functional skills and now minimum core. “Functional skills are now defined as those skills required for competence in the use of English, maths and ICT” (Gould & Roffey-Barentsen, 2014, p. 22). The goal […]

Key aspects of a organisation’s policies relating to managing behaviours in a learning environment

Current legislation, such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), Health and Safety at Work Act and the Equality Act, influences educational establishment policy and the organisation’s Code of Conduct on how staff should manage student behaviour. Educational establishments provide a clear Code of Conduct for the behaviour of students, […]

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