Points of referral to meet the needs of learners

Students will have a wide selection of needs and requirements and it is essential to identify and meet their individual needs. Identifying a particular need may happen at any time, the most common time is during the student induction process, however, their circumstances can change or they may have been hiding a particular need, as a result teachers and staff must always be looking to identify an individual’s needs.

Once a learners need has been identified it is essential that if it is beyond the scope of a teachers role that you “refer your learner to an appropriate specialist or agency if you can’t deal with their needs.” (Gravells, 2014, p. 57) Even if you feel it is within the scope of your teaching role “it’s best to seek advice or refer your learner to someone who can help” (Gravells, 2014, p. 57) as teaching establishments have professionals who are trained in specific areas that teachers are not or are not trained as thoroughly. Some examples when referring students include contacting first aiders for health concerns, student advice for students with financial concerns, etc.

Gravells, A., 2014. The Award in Education and Training. Exeter: Sage Publications Inc..

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