The SEN Register: A Cornerstone for Inclusive Education


Abstract The SEN Register stands as a pivotal instrument in promoting inclusive education, aiming to cater to the diverse needs of children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Rooted in principles advocating for inclusivity, the SEN Register meticulously records the unique requirements of these children, the support rendered, their academic progress, and relevant external agency involvements. … Read more

Books on Socratic Method

socratic books

Introduction – The Socratic Method The Socratic Method, a timeless technique of inquiry dating back to ancient Athens, has consistently been hailed for its unparalleled ability to stimulate critical thinking and profound introspection. Rooted in the teachings of Socrates, this method of elenchus, or cross-examination, not only shaped the foundation of Western philosophical discourse but … Read more

The Socratic Method Dialectic

Socrates Dialectic

The Socratic method, often described as the art of questioning, represents a time-honoured form of dialogue and a cornerstone of Western intellectual tradition. Rooted in the practices of the classical Athenian philosopher Socrates, this method utilises a form of dialectic — a dialogue between two or more people who may have different views but are … Read more

Socratic Method Examples


The Socratic method is often used in teaching and discussion, it involves asking a series of questions to help the student clarify knowledge and assess their understanding. Here are ten real-life examples of how the Socratic method might be employed, plus a bonus more in-depth example. Understanding Democracy: Q: What is democracy? A: It’s when … Read more

How does the Socratic Method differ from the scientific method?

Socrates Science

Abstract The Socratic method, stemming from the philosophical teachings of Socrates, emphasises dialectical questioning to illuminate ideas and expose contradictions in one’s beliefs. Its focus lies in promoting logical consistency and introspection. Contrarily, the scientific method, rooted in the Renaissance and Enlightenment, employs a systematic approach to understand natural phenomena through observation, hypothesis formation, experimentation, … Read more

The Socratic Method of Teaching

Socrates Education

Abstract The Socratic method, rooted in the pedagogical practices of the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, emphasises the power of questioning to stimulate critical thought and self-awareness. Instead of direct instruction, this dialogical approach fosters active student participation, leading to profound self-discoveries, improved communication skills, and the rectification of misconceptions. However, its efficacy hinges on skilled … Read more

Socratic Method: What Is It and How Can You Use It?


Abstract The Socratic Method, originating from ancient Greece and attributed to the philosopher Socrates, is a form of dialogue-based learning that encourages participants to ask and answer questions in order to stimulate critical thinking and illuminate ideas. This article provides an in-depth understanding of this method, its historical success, and its relevance in modern-day teaching … Read more