As a tutor, areas that you focus your attention upon will experience most of the change, for example, if you believe that grades and qualifications are the most important aspect of educational life, it is likely you will spend the majority of your time as a tutor focusing on setting academic based targets, thus giving the students the best opportunity to achieve academic greatness. Unfortunately, as there is limited time in which you can spend with your tutees, there are other areas, such as pastoral care, that will not receive as much attention and will suffer. It is extremely important to always consider that you are providing a balanced well-rounded tutorial experience for the students.

Set a Good Example

Students are highly likely to replicate the behaviour of tutors, teachers and lecturers, this can have a greater impact as a tutor as tutors are the first step involved in the event of poor behaviour, if as a tutor you are consistently late, it is challenging to discipline a student for being late to lessons.


It is important to remain unbiased over unit selection, as a lecturer it is acceptable to promote your own unit over others, however, as a tutor it would be unprofessional to say if one unit is more enjoyable than another. This also applies if there is any flexibility with unit selection for students or students have the ability to drop a unit, by suggesting units to select or drop you can have a significant impact on the student’s overall qualification and enjoyment of the course.


As the tutor is the first point of call for students who are having issues, you can have a much greater influence on their educational lives than a typical lecturer. Building the rapport with students is even more important and slips, such as pronouncing their name incorrectly, will have a bigger impact on making the student feel unvalued.

Going the Extra Mile

There are elements that are often omitted from awarding body curriculum that will not be included within lessons, the tutorial session is often an opportunity to include some of these often industry required aspects. For example, the use of a version control system is incredibly common within the IT industry and yet it is not included in any of the awarding body curriculum, as a result I have previously arranged for a guest speaker from industry to explain how to use a version control system, when a guest speaker has not been available, I have covered it myself in a typical lesson format. By including this additional lesson for students, I am expanding their knowledge and getting them ready for employment, however it is highly likely that other industry required skills are not being covered that I am not including as a result of a lack of time, this demonstrates a level of bias to what I have previously experienced in industry.

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