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The importance of communication in a personal tutoring role

The importance of effective communication within the personal tutorial role is incredibly important, even more important than that of the lecturing role. In order to fulfil many of the required skills and qualities of being a tutor effective communication is required. Being respectful, friendly, diplomatic, a good listener and to be able to build a […]

The impact of Socio-economic, Cultural and Personal Background, Work History and Educational Achievement on learners.

A learner’s socio-economic, cultural and personal background will have a significant impact on their education, including the aspirations, needs and decision-making process. A very large number (approximately one in five) of families within the UK are deemed to live in poverty, research has shown people who live in poverty face daily challenges that affluent children […]

Communication Strategies to Promote Equality and Diversity

I use a selection of communication strategies to promote equality and diversity within my lessons, a very easy method of embedding equality and diversity is to create a starter activity that shows imagery demonstrating either the promotion of equality and diversity or the undermining of equality and diversity and then follow this with a discussion. […]

Why do teachers reflect?

Mankind has actively reflected on past experience throughout its existence in order to manage risk, this was fundamental learning required for staying alive. “It is only in the last few hundred years that we have been conscious that we could influence the future by learning lessons from the past”, (Broadleaf, 2012) and consciously reflecting and evaluating […]

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