Why it is Important that Learners Take Responsibility For Their Own Learning

It is extremely important for learners to take responsibly for their own learning as they will gain a wide selection of benefits. Students responsible for their own learning will have a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as they will have first-hand experience of them, rather than being told their strengths and weaknesses, which is far more powerful and motivational. Taking responsibly for their own learning promotes taking ownership of the learning process, which encourages independent study and curiosity within the subject. Another benefit of them taking ownership is they are more likely to align their learning with their own objectives, further motivating them to succeed due to their own objectives. They are also more likely to choose how they wish to learn, increasing the likelihood the information will be retained. If a student doesn’t take responsibly for their learning, they will not fully engage with the material so it will be difficult for them to become passionate about the subject. Taking full responsibility for one’s own learning means acknowledging that you are responsible for your own life as a student.

Author Profile

James Barron
My first experience of teaching was in 2016, when I was asked to
deliver a talk to a group of 16-year-olds on what it was like to start
your own business. I immediately knew I wanted to become more
involved in teaching but I didn’t know where to start as I had not
previously considered a career in education. A few weeks later I
agreed to teach a class of Chinese students from the Shanghai
Technical Institute of Electronics and Information, who had travelled
to the UK to learn English and Software Engineering, after that I was
hooked. Within the next few years, I taught hundreds of students of
many different nationalities, aged from 16 to 60, and from
levels 2 to 6. I focused my time teaching with Bath University and
Bath College for several more years until I felt a change was in order.
For the last few years, I have taught remotely with several private
training organisations, provided dedicated one to one coaching
sessions, provided consultancy on teaching and assessment practices
and written about my experiences as a teacher. I plan to continue
with my current activities for the foreseeable future but I’m always
open to new teaching experiences.

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