Why It Is Important That Learners Take Responsibility For Their Own Learning

It is extremely important for learners to take responsibly for their own learning as they will gain a wide selection of benefits. Students responsible for their own learning will have a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as they will have first-hand experience of them, rather than being told their strengths and weaknesses, which is far more powerful and motivational. Taking responsibly for their own learning promotes taking ownership of the learning process, which encourages independent study and curiosity within the subject. Another benefit of them taking ownership is they are more likely to align their learning with their own objectives, further motivating them to succeed due to their own objectives. They are also more likely to choose how they wish to learn, increasing the likelihood the information will be retained. If a student doesn’t take responsibly for their learning, they will not fully engage with the material so it will be difficult for them to become passionate about the subject. Taking full responsibility for one’s own learning means acknowledging that you are responsible for your own life as a student.

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